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    I Will Never Forget! I Do Not Want to Forget!

    I Will Never Forget!

    I Do Not Want to Forget!


    I’ve only seen hand-t-hand fighting,

    Once in reality, and thousands-in dreams,

    Who says that a war isn’t frightening,

    He doesn’t know anything it means.

           Julia Drunina, a Russian poetess


    It is common knowledge, there are some dates in the history of any country which will never be forgotten. As for Ukraine, June 22, 1941 is one of the most memorable of them. Just at that very day the war, which is called the Great Patriotic War in our country, broke out. The whole counter shuddered at this terrible news.

    It is not difficult for to imagine people’s morale. Before the war life went on in labour and usual human concerns: enterprises, school, universities and various organizations worked as usual. On weekends people had a rest in town parks or forests-a quiet peaceful life was going…

    Then there was the war… Now they had to change their way of living. Their life became subordinated to the war’s severe laws.

    As far as I know, millions of people defended their Motherland with all their might. My great-grandfather – Ivan Illiych Dekhtiariov was among them. I shall never forget his stories about that terrible and disastrous war of 1941-1945.

    When the Great Patriotic War began, my great-grandfather was only 17. he joined the Soviet Army at the age of 18. he was a disciplined soldier, that is why in two months he was given the task to teach the other soldiers the main rules of behaviour in the war situation and how to use weapons.

    Two months later my great-grandfather was sent to the Eastern front. Those were terrible times: hand-to-hand combats with the fascists. Many Soviet soldiers fought with an everlasting thought: "It is better to be killed than to be taken a prisoner”. In one of the battles of 1945 my great-grandfather was wounded. It was at Melitopol. His both legs were badly injured. Local people picked him up and sent to the hospital in Melitopol. He had to stay for three months there. For his deed during the liberation of Melitopol he was awarded to the Order of Red Star.

    I will never forget heroic deeds of my countrymen. I want all people to know the price of freedom and value it they have now.

    It should be mentioned, me great-grandfather was lucky to remain alive. Every spring, on 9 May, his sacred day, he lays flowers to the graves of those who had not come from war.

    Listening to my great0grandfather’s stories I lived through the horrors during the long years of surviving in that cruel war. Now I am convinced that the participants and witnesses of the events of the Great Patriotic war will never be forgotten.

    I will never forget those people who gave their lives to make my life happy.

    I will never forget heroic deeds of my countrymen. I do not want to forget those famous heroes and unknown soldiers, women and children who suffered much, but overcame all the hardships and gained the victory.

    The greatest desire of our great-grand-parents to live in peace, to see their children and grandchildren happy, makes me feel thankful to all those who won the victory for the country.


    Meleshko Julia


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