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    I will never forget! I don’t want to forget!

    I will never forget! I don’t want to forget!


    Devoted to Prokopenko Pyotr Ivanovich (1925-2008)


    The Great Patriotic War ended many years ago, in May, 1945. It was the greatest war in the humanity’s history. People looked into the eyes of mortal danger and gave their live’s for their Motherland. A great number of people were killed during that war. We, modern generation, must not forget those terrible events and heroes who fought for our freedom. One of such heroes was my great-grandfather-Prokopenko Pyotr Ivanovich.

    In my childhood, every summer I came to visit my great-grandmother and great-grandfather who have been living in the village Beliaki-Podol Poltava region for all their life. As far as I remember my great-grandfather was a thin and very active old man. He was in habit of jokeing and cheering up. He was actually full of fun. My great-grandfather often took me to the forest where we picked different medicinal herbs. He told me interesting stories about plants, trees, animals.

    And I feel so badly and sad because my great-grandfather isn’t alive now. He died three years ago and I didn’t have time to ask him a great deal of qestions. It was one of my bright memories when I asked the great-grandfather to show his battle rewards. He opened a small wooden box. There were medals and orders which seemed a real treasure for me. And I was also surprised when I saw tears running along my great-grandfather’s deep wrinkles.

    I knew that he had been at war, but then I thought, that war was an adventure were you could wear a uniform, hide in trenches, run, shoot and shout "Hurray!!” Only now I begin to understand what sufferings, superhuman efforts, humiliations my great-grandfather had to endure during the Great Patriotic War.

    When the war began my great-grandfather was 17 years old. From the first days he went away to be at war against hitlerites and joned one of the partisan detachments, which were organized at that time. And almost during all the war he fought under the leadership of Sidor Kovpak. My great-grandfather didn’t hide behind the backs of his comrades, he was always ahead, in the first ranks... He was taken as a prisoner by Germans 12 times and 12 times he ran away. He even managed to walk from Germany to Poltava. The great-grandfather had got many wounds which had left deep scars on his body, reminding of those terrible events. He got his last wound, because of which he nearly lost his leg, in January 1945. That’s why he knew about the Victory just at the hospital. Then he returned to his native village.

    For the participation in the Great Patriotic War my great-grandfather was awarded with:

    1) The Order of Glory of the third degree;

    2) Two medals for Courage;

    3) The Order of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy;

    4) The Great Patriotic War Order of the first degree according to the edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSA from the second of March, 1985;

    5) The Order for Courage of the third degree in 1999 by Leonid Kuchma, the President of Ukraine.

    I am proud of my great-grandfather. He shed his blood on the battle fields, he saved his comrades under shells fire, he fought for freedom of our Motherland, for his family. He is a real hero.

    Vlad Matvienko

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    Lyceum "Nadezhda”


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